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Vehicle Lockout Service 

If you get locked out of your car, don't worry, it can happen to anyone. Our staff can quickly dispatch a service technician to be at your location and get you back into your vehicle. A traditional car lockout takes approximately 5 minutes to remedy. After that, you will be back in your car and on your way. Call us at 219-548-9300 and a Allegiant Team member will assist. 

It’s important not to attempt to open a locked car door yourself from the outside without the proper tools and training as it could cause damage, this could result in expensive repair bills. Vehicle owners who have automatic locks and buttons should be aware of the dangers that a slim jim could pose to the wiring on the inside of their door panels. Slim jims have been known to inadvertently snag wires, detach locking rods, and also rarely leave locks inoperable without a key. Vehicle owners are also advised not to break a window 


when attempting to regain entry because shop time and glass repair bills can be expensive, especially for vehicles that have automatic windows. We recommend not solving a problem by creating another such as a broken window, instead, call on the professional services of Allegiant Towing, We have the right tools for the job! Call 24/7 219-548-9300

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