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Private Property

Allegiant Towing has the trained staff and latest equipment to keep your commercial or private property safe and looking great! We offer private property relocation programs, shaped to meet your goals and specific property needs. Photo records, safe protocols, 24 hour patrols, secure vehicle storage, and property signage are all available at to properties with a signed agreement.*


Allegiant Towing takes care of all the work to make the transistion easy. We can hang customer parking signs and help create parking rules to suit your property needs. We have a list of common parking rules and regulations to choose from. We will help create a customer plan that suits your needs perfectly.

Allegiant Towing offers a wide range of Parking Permits to better suit your needs. We have custom mirror hang tags and custom window permit style tags. We also provide visitor parking passes for your front desk to pass out as needed to guests. We are a one stop shop for your Private Property needs. 

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